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Modern biological engineering technology

More than 20 years of industry research foundation and industry resourcestion and application of high-tech enterprises.

Six majoradvantages

  • R & D technology
    Has GMP raw material extraction plant, raw material planting
    The use of modern biological engineering technology, independent innovation (P2V2 enzyme method) Industrial Technology
  • Core product
    Plant superoxide dismutase (SOD) and novel plant metal sulfur protein (MT) telomerase products
    Widely used in health food, cosmetics, biological medicine, etc.
  • Industry research
    Supplement to the elderly and sub healthy population
    Antioxidant enzymes (SOD) and metal sulfur protein (MT), to improve public nutrition and health
  • Planning Vision
    Standardized raw material planting property right base. Planting, raw materials, product integration of the green industry and ecological industry of high and technology
  • Metal sulfur protein (MT)
    Human diseases and health, food safety and environmental
    With high activity of anti - Anti - health effects, skin care beauty, nutrition and health care products
  • Use of metal sulfur protein
    1.Application of the 2.medical field in the application of cosmetics industry and the application of health food 4.Application of animal nutrition 5.environmental protection

R&D; Strength


Data Center

Planting, raw materials, product integration

Improve the quality of life and health
of the people Green industry

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Hunan Hai Xi Biotechnology Co., Ltd,

Hunan Hai Xi Biotechnology Co., Ltd,

  Hunan hixi Biological Technology Co. Ltd. is a modern plant resources development and management, new food raw materials, plant extracts, bioactive substances and functional food development, production and application of a professional high-tech enterprises.Project planning a total investment of 300 million yuan, with GMP raw materials in the pilot plant, raw material planting base.Cooperation with the Hongkong Laboratory of molecular biology to establish advanced modern molecular biology (Hai Xi joint) laboratory...

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R&D; Strength

  • Laboratory introduction
  • Laboratory introduction2


Q:what is SOD (superoxide dismutase)?

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Q:what is Telomerase origin?

A:The origin of telomerase regulation of life password, crack the mystery, full of miracle change. This is a hope and fait...

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